Island Lighthouse Church

Shining the light of hope


Bible Study

For the time being Bible study will be every other Wed. It will be more of a fellowship with a focus on growing in the Lord.

Food Pantry

The food pantry is in need of replenishing. If you would like to help please donate from   this list:
Peanut Butter, jelly, canned meats; such as, tuna, canned ham or chicken; canned soup, or canned vegetables.  Please contact Nancy or Fred if you have any questions. Thank you
(207) 667-7424

Hancock County Jail Ministry

Fran and Jim 

Worship Team

Crawford, Onecia, Linda and Opal
Opal Stanley phone: 669-2119

Nursing Home Ministry

Tom Blair and Allan Ashmore
Phone: (207) 610-9830 or (207) 479-440

Jim Wade

Jim Wade

Sound Room and Media

Margaret Ashmore
Door Greater


Fred Ashmore